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"It's in Sicily where one discovers the key to all.
The pureness of the side dishes, the softness of everything.
The forgiving versatility of the colours.
The harmonic unity of sky with sea and sea with land.
Whoever saw them just once will possess them for a lifetime."

J. W. Goethe

Who We Are

The eternal love for the historic, fertile island of Sicily has driven us youngsters to invest in our territories and in the natural qualities which make these places stand out. Our "down-to-earth" agricultural company is situated at the summit of a valley in Bompensiere, a small town in the province of Caltanissetta, and as of 2005 we're looking to optimise the potential of this wonderful land by cultivating vineyards, olive tree groves and arable land. This organic agriculture is a kind which takes into consideration the entire agricultural ecosystem, takes full advantage of the natural fertility of the soil and nurturing it further with limited human intervention and promotes biodiversity of the environment, in which it restricts to a minimum the use of synthesising products and genetically modified organisms (GMOs).

The evaluation of wine varieties, the experimentation with new products and their creation by maintaining greater quality in each phase of the professional process are precisely what we are all about. AgriNatura is a new company working within an antique world. We only produce healthy and genuine foodstuffs and we contribute to the protection of natural resources and to the balanced development of the land according to good agricultural practices and the constant presence in the territory. We create employment and provide the highest attention to the quality of their work by protecting and respecting the workers and their rights as well as respecting the law. We aim to maximise food safety, production traceability and the quality of the products in general. We value the special nature of the products and the traditions of the territory.


Our current production focuses principally on oil and wine, with olive groves and vineyards of local varieties. The traits which distinguish this territory are fundamental for the quality of our products.

Constant Wind

This phenomenon of organic agriculture works when there is less humidity, avoiding therefore diseases to the grapevines (such as iodine and rottenness) and to the grapes themselves.

Temperature Ranges

During the summer, temperatures can rise far above 20 degrees Celsius (40°C max. during the day and 15°C min. during the night). This allows and encourages the growth of varied and unique aromas which give the wines both personality and elegance.

Salt in the earth

The salt in the earth has the same effect on cultivation as a rigid climate, impeding the complete maturity of the grape and maintaining a high total acidity, whilst preventing unpleasant aromas.


certificazione biologico

Organic Certification

Controlled Company U 510
energie rinnovabili agrinatura

Renewable energies

All basic energy requirements are guaranteed by photovoltaic panels.
bompensiere coltivazioni bio


The geographical area benefits from an advantageous climate
certificazione biologico

Social Responsabilities

We rigorously respect all active laws on employment and social security


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Via Principe di Scalea, 118 93010 Bompensiere (Caltanissetta) +39 328 9196965